BOOKS by Ann Bracken

The Altar of Innocence: Poems. New Academia Publishing, LLC. Washington, DC. 2015.

POEMS by Ann Bracken

  • Pif Magazine, “Naptime in the Kindergarten Room”
  • New Verse News, “A Day in the Life of a Drone Pilot,” “Value-added Teacher”
  • Scribble, “Nested,” “Second Chance Cafe,” and “The Portal.”
  • Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence. “Marital Privilege.”
  • Reckless Writing Anthology: The Modernization of Poetry by Emerging Writers of the 21st Century. “More Rock Than Bach,” and “Mrs. S.”
  • The Gunpowder Review, Autumn 2011: “Dreams in My Portfolio Redux” and “Postcards.”
  • Praxilla Literary Journal: “Liam Sits Folded,” “Stubborn Guests,” “This is Just to Say Redux,” “Martini Memories,” and “Fierce Kisses.”
  •  Little Patuxent Review: “Wine and Water” and “Adultery.”
  • Life in Me Like Grass on Fire Anthology: “The Love of Work and Art,” “Dreams in My Portfolio,” “Seducing Billy Collins as He Finishes a Stanza,” “Marriage,” and “The Pediatrician.”


  • Interview: Little Patuxent Review. “An Interview with Grace Cavalieri.”
  • Essay: Little Patuxent Review. “Crafting a Bridge to Healing.”
  • Interview: Little Patuxent Review. “Interview with Nancy Naomi Carlson.”
  • The Museletter, July 2008: Warrior Writer: An Interview with Drew Cameron.
  • On Purpose Women Magazine, August/September 2008: Full Ahead Slow: One of the Three Pillars of Hope
  • On Purpose Women Magazine, April/May 2008: The Three Pillars of Hope: A Program for Women in Transition
  • On Purpose Women Magazine, February/March 2008: The Three Pillars of Hope: Using Expressive Arts to Navigate Life’s Transitions
  • Little Patuxent Review, Winter 2007: Riding Into the Wind
  • The Museletter, November 2004: Engagement With Life; An Interview with Michael Collier, Maryland’s Poet Laureate
  • The Museletter, March 2004: The Power of Art; An Interview with David Read Johnson
  • The Museletter, March 2001: Interview with Edward Hirsch
  • Smooth Sailing, Winter 2000: Sadness (a poem)
  • Smooth Sailing, Fall 2000: Breakdowns Come and Breakdowns Go

READINGS on Arts & Education

  • Drama Times, Issue 7, 2002: Did You Know?
    Carmel O’Sullivan shares some interesting facts about the value of Arts Education in young people’s lives
  • LCVP Action Team, 1997: Active Learning
    Interesting chart showing what we tend to remember versus our level of involvement in learning.