Possibility Programs

The Possibility Project offers group and individual expressive arts programs for women in transition and poetry programs for all ages. If you are interested in more information or in registering, contact Ann by email at anniebluepoet@gmail.com.


Ann  will be happy to work with you on a custom program. Below is a sampling of some programs she has presented in adult education classes and at creativity conferences:

  • Who’s Your Muse? ~ Use the gifts of modern day muses to help gain new insights and move towards your personal and professional goals.
  • Kronos and Kairos and ReIMAGINING Time ~ Both workshops use a combination of arts and journaling to address time challenges and map out new strategies to help you personally and professionally.
  •  Three Pillars of Hope ~ Work through life transitions like divorce, empty-nest, and loss using poetry, journaling and art

WRITE FOR YOUR LIFE© Journaling Program

Would you like to build a daily practice of journaling? This multi-session workshop offers exercises in expressive writing, journaling, art, and movement to stimulate new ways of looking at your challenges and goals .


Ann provides interactive poetry residencies for children in grades K-12.  She works with the teachers to determine goals for the residency and then selects appropriate poems and poetry techniques to explore in a series of interactive poetry experiences. Students benefit from the residencies by gaining a new appreciation for word play, expressing themselves in a meaningful context, and performing for their families and peers.